7 Tips To Choose Your Child's Doctor in Kolkata

7 Tips To Choose Your Child's Doctor in Kolkata

The health of your child is a matter of grave importance. A lot of thought must be given to choosing the ideal paediatrician for your child. For parents who are new to the upbringing of their first child, there is a lot of confusion and doubt surrounding the decision making. Being a metropolitan city, there are a lot of paediatricians in Kolkata. As a result, the options will not get exhausted easily. Here are some tips that will help you to choose the best doctor for your child from among the numerous options.

  1. Prefer a convenient location for the doctor’s office. Newborn babies need to see their doctors relatively frequently. Although the frequency decreases as the child grows up, skipping the visits is not an option. Having the paediatricians near you in close proximity to your home is a must as this makes the visits less hectic. Walking distances are exceptionally good, although short commutes are not bad either. This also helps in case there is an emergency and the baby needs to be rushed to the doctor.

  2. Affiliation with hospitals is an important factor. If your chosen doctor is affiliated with the hospital where your baby will be born, then they can do a check-up immediately after. Affiliations are also important because this ensures that admission will not be a hassle in case it is required for the treatment of anything serious.

  3. A good way to take paediatricians into considerations is from the recommendations given by your obstetrician and gynaecologist. The period of pregnancy and the birth of a new life establishes trust between the patient and the doctor. The recommendations come out of this trust and can mostly be relied upon.

  4. Experience and credentials are the identities of a doctor. Doctors with a good number of years in their profession is a good sign. Do check from which educational institutions they got their degree as this will impart insight into the quality of their training and depth of knowledge. Certification from medical bodies is a bonus that indicates the prestige and the level of professionalism that the doctors carry.

  5. Reading reviews is something that must not be skipped even if paediatricians are recommended by your gynaecologist or even your friends, family and relatives. This circle of known acquaintances is a limited one and there is a margin of error for discrepancies on distrust to creep in. Go online and read reviews from a larger, more varied audience. The general tone of online reviews should be the factor upon which decisions must be finalised. Sometimes credentials like years of experience and alma mater do not do justice to the quality of treatment. Reviews help to bypass this by providing an insight into real-world wisdom.

  6. The operating hours of the doctor’s clinic should be factored into your decision making. Babies are not exactly known for throwing tantrums according to a timetable. More often than not, last-minute appointments are the only way to go. If the clinic does not accept those then it is a no go. Weekends must also be covered one way or the other. Some paediatricians near you have their juniors cover for them during offs and holidays. Others have a group practice, where multiple doctors operate in alternating shifts. For such cases, ensure that your baby or child is attended to by the same doctor, other than during emergencies.

  7. Have a face-to-face interaction with the doctors who are on your shortlist. Orko’s Appointment has a large directory of verified paediatricians in Kolkata with whom you can connect over video appointments. These meetings are enriching experiences that can give you a better understanding of the treatment and check-up procedures.

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