7 Unique Themes To Make Your Wedding A Dream Come True

7 Unique Themes To Make Your Wedding A Dream Come True

A wedding is the holiest ceremony to initiate a lifetime bond between two souls. The love generated between two people receives the ultimate respect and the final stamp of completeness with marriage. Thus, people search for many fancy ways to make it grand. We like to invest time and money to book the best wedding venues along with the top wedding planners. One of the newest trends to throw dreamy and glamorous wedding ceremonies is to arrange it according to a theme. If you are someone whose wedding is coming soon then you can check out the following eight unique wedding themes, which are on-trend nowadays -

1. The Bollywood theme - No doubt Bollywood movies inspire our lives. Certain Bollywood aspects such as fashion, story, theme, or songs secure a place in our hearts for a lifetime. Especially if you are a Bollywood buff and have always crushed over the stars, then you deserve to have a grand Bollywood-themed wedding. To incorporate a Bollywood theme in your marriage, you can think about decorating the walls with the pictures of your favorite movie stars, keeping food options filmy, wearing Bollywood-inspired wedding dresses, and arranging other programs accordingly. You would not fail to impress your guests. 

2. Garden theme - This is one of the most popular wedding themes not just here but around the world currently. Decorating the wedding banquet or hall with aesthetically pleasing flowers, artificial trees and greenery will be truly a dreamy affair. The wedding of Anushka and Virat Kohli is one of the best and most beautiful examples of the implantation of garden them in marriage. Decorating the wedding banquets in Kolkata with flowers is budget-friendly too. Hence you can give this theme a shot in your or your dear and near ones’ marriage. 

3. Traditional theme - It means keeping everything traditional as per your caste or culture. Implementation of this theme means, wearing and selecting colors, fabric, food items, wedding venue, and decorative items according to your tradition. This will be a remarkably innovative wedding plan, which nowadays people hardly think of. Moreover, this will be a great way to show respect and gratitude to your parents, grandparents, your community, and guests. You never know how many would get inspired and follow your theme in their wedding too. 

4. Shimmer and Bling - If you are someone who is in love with shimmery objects and the theme of bling, then your wedding theme should be shimmer and bling without another thought. Keeping shimmer and bling theme means decorating the entire banquet in an eye-catchy glamorous way. Incorporating golden, silver and tinted hues in dresses, decorative items, and putting chandeliers and varied attractive lighting all around the banquet are some of the key features of this theme. Nowadays, most of the best wedding venues in Kolkata provide fairy lights, sequin tablescapes, and crystal strings if you let them informed about your chosen theme beforehand. 

5. Boho theme - This is the newest addition to the ongoing wedding themes. Keeping a boho theme means decorating the venue, keeping the wedding dress and food menu in the bohemian and rustic style. Contrasting color selection and keeping tribal or rustic food items are two main features of this Bohemian theme in marriage. Contrasting large photo frames, multihued floral arrangements, tassels, and dreamcatchers would be some of the items, which are required to make this theme a hit. Nowadays, caterers are also keeping tribal and boho food options in the starter or in the desert section.

6. A tropical arrangement - A wedding in a sub-tropical country like India deserves to have a tropical wedding theme. A tropical arrangement is no doubt eye-catchy and visually charming. Keeping tropical fiesta as your wedding theme does not always mean that you have to select only one or particular tropical region. You can happily amalgam and incorporate the main themes of major tropical countries in your wedding. For example, you can keep artificial flowers of different tropical regions, flamingo bird prop along with green surroundings. You can think about inviting guests with the help of floral cards and keeping the food menu with tropical delicacies. 

7. Fairy tale wedding - Last but not least is the fairy tale wedding theme, which many dream to have. In an Indian wedding, it is a little hard to put Cinderella or Sleeping beauty theme. However, there are many Indian folk and fairytale stories, which can equally inspire wedding themes. You can select any such stories you have always heard and enjoyed in your childhood. Nevertheless, the foreign fairytale themes can be implemented too through the decorating props, food items, and wedding costumes, and guest costume colors. Wedding decorators nowadays provide all such decorations. You will find many wedding banquets in Kolkata, which are constructed in unique ways to support such themes. 

Make your wedding memorable with any of the aforementioned themes or any other one that you have in your mind. 

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