A Cost Negotiation Guide for Hiring  Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

A Cost Negotiation Guide for Hiring Wedding Photographers in Kolkata

Every modern wedding needs a photographer. Right from pre-wedding shoots, up to the post-wedding shoots, everything gets a different meaning when it is captured by a talented photographer in all its glory. The best wedding photographers in Kolkata have the magical ability to freeze time in a frame in the most elegant way possible. However in a majority of cases, people back away from professional and talented photographers due to budget constraints. Popular and good photographers have a high figure of fees that are maybe justified according to their quality of work. But on the other hand, those high numbers are something which deters most clients from hiring the services of these photographers.

So, what is the solution? The answer to that is very simple - it is negotiating for a lower cost. But, here is the tricky part. Negotiations are sensitive subjects and if you have to do it, then you have to take the subtler way.

The Common Albeit Improper Way:

Indians consider themselves to be pros when it comes to negotiating. While that fact is somewhat irrefutable to some degree, this talent only works with grocery vendors, vegetables sellers and shopkeepers. Haggling for a discount or a lower rate is something that is in the blood of the countrymen and something that takes shape whenever the question of money comes forward. This is also the case when it comes to wedding photographers. Most people ask for a “best rate” and discounts right off the bat. Others try to be quick on the trigger and use the trump card of their friends, relatives and acquaintances having a wedding right around the corner. This tactic is used to lure the professional into the illusion of getting a better deal.

However, these are neither very useful nor respectful ways to negotiate a better deal. Most customers have to be content with a five or ten per cent discount, which is nothing when compared to what can be achieved by following the proper way.

Refrain From Bargaining:

This is the golden rule when dealing with a photographer, or any other creative professional for that matter. Creatives hate being rushed or being bargained with. They see it as an insult to their talent and intellect. Most photographers in Kolkata would outright reject any willingness to work at the first sign of bargaining. If someone still agrees, chances are, the quality of work will degrade or the delivery will be delayed significantly. The issue stops becoming a question of money and steps up into the territory of respect.

Present a Stage of Earning a Name:

The wedding is a big ceremony not just for the couple who is getting married. It is a huge platform for a photographer to shine. Present your photographer with ingenious and prolific ideas that you have for the big day. If there is anything interesting, be it an event or a special guest, make sure to loop in your photographer into that. Be forthcoming about such ideas and make the professional feel as if they are a part of the wedding. Many photographers eagerly wait for a chance to shoot at a destination wedding. Some, love taking pictures at a grand banquet. Some are more into modern cross-cultural weddings and progressive weddings of couples from the LGBTQ community. These are good platforms to shoot pictures at and earn a name. Additionally, it can get you a huge discount.

Being Forthcoming With the Budget:

It does not help if you have a small budget and try to hide it from your photographer and get a discount so that the budget is not crossed. Be open and forthcoming with your ability to spend on wedding photography. Most kind-hearted photographers would be more than willing to help you find a better choice, more suitable for your budget if their hands are tied. If not, they will advise you on which unnecessary things to eliminate and which ones to focus on. They can also offer insights into how to increase your budget. But most often, professional wedding photographers will work out a better deal in order to make sure that both parties can meet somewhere in the middle.

Being Nice Pays:

Human being to human being, it is always a good thing to be respectful. When hiring a wedding photographer, one has to understand that the photographer will not work “for” you. This is not a contract. This is a partnership. Photographers will work together “with” you. Appreciate their knowledge, skills and talent. They have worked hard to be on the stage that they are right now and being appreciative only glorifies you in the eyes of your photographer. Be honest about your plans for the wedding. Be open during the talks of money. Being appreciative can bring people closer, where getting discounts does not become a hard task.

Meet Your Photographer:

Not everything can be discussed over the phone or over text messages. Meeting up in person is the best way to have talks about the project of wedding photography. Thanks to some amazing utility platform, you can now meet up with the most talented photographers in Kolkata, from the comfort of your home. Orko’s Appointment, a popular utility platform not only offers such amazing features but also is a reliable local search engine to get hold of the best eyes behind the lens, near you. Simply search for the most suitable photographers near you and you will be greeted with a variety of options. Discuss the depth of the project and the budget and work out an agreeable deal, face-to-face, without having to step out.

Wedding photographers are those friends who have a camera and intensely good eye for shots. Hiring the best wedding photographers in Kolkata is more of an emotional endeavor instead of being a financial one. Try to build bonds and better deals will come automatically. At the end of the day, it is all about being respectful, humble and open.

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