Flu Vaccine This Year? What General Physicians in Kolkata Have to Say

Flu Vaccine This Year? What General Physicians in Kolkata Have to Say

According to the centre for disease control (CDC), a flu vaccine increases your immunity against both seasonal influenzas and other diseases. In this pandemic situation, when people are already living with the fear of Covid 19, flu will be nothing but an additional risk factor. The general physicians in Kolkata say that a flu shot gives an “off-target effect”. It means besides protecting against the particular flu, the vaccine can protect from varied other illnesses too. It is called the power of the non-specific immunomodulatory effect. 

What are the different types of Flu Vaccines available in India?

There are mainly two types of flu vaccines available in India - The nasal spray vaccine and the injection or flu shot. 

Nasal Spray Vaccine - The nasal spray vaccine is also called the live attenuated influenza vaccine. This vaccine is administered by only nasal spray. The vaccine contains the weakened form of the live influenza virus. It is thus called attenuated influenza because the weakened form of the virus is unable to cause any severe flu symptoms. Anyone who is between the age of 2 to 49 and is not pregnant, can take this (of course after having a consultation with doctors).

The Flu shot - The flu shot unlike the aforementioned one, contains the killed virus of influenza. It is also called a recombinant vaccine. It is extremely effective and is highly recommended by the general physicians of Kolkata. 

Who can take this vaccine?

According to the general physicians in Kolkata, anyone who is above the age of 6 months, is eligible to take the flu vaccine. However, one should always consider taking opinions from general physicians near him/her. Health situations vary from one to other. Hence, it is necessary to consult a doctor before taking a vaccine. To get the best consultation, you can opt for Orko’s Appointment. On the utility platform of Orko’s, search through “general physicians near me” and get verified contact and chamber details of reputed general doctors. However, some common guidelines are - 

  • If you are above the age of 65, a flu vaccine is a necessity
  • If you live in an assisted care facility, the flu vaccine is essential
  • If you have any chronic disease, you should take the flu vaccine
  • If you are a healthcare worker, you should take this vaccine

Does the flu vaccine protect against the Covid 19 virus?

The virus that causes flu is called the H1N1 virus, whereas COVID 19 is caused by the coronavirus. Both of the illnesses have the symptom called the Coryza Cough respiratory symptom. However, there is no proof saying that the flu vaccine can give complete protection against the coronavirus. Both need different defence mechanisms. However, the flu vaccine is proven effective in building strong immunity power in the human body. To get your doubts clear, contact your general physician. If you do not have any referrals, then search “general physicians near me” on online utility directories such as Orko’s Appointment. 

Which vaccine should I take - flu or Covid?

According to Dr Rajkumar, the senior consultant of the Indian Spinal Injuries Centre, “Flu vaccines may reduce the chance of developing flu-like symptoms in people infected with Covid-19, but there are other symptoms and complications which flu vaccine may not help with. This is the reason why people must get Covid vaccines”. 

It is always best to take advice from the general physicians in Kolkata. They will give you better details and suggest to you which one to take. From the last year, coronavirus has been heavily affecting human bodies. Hence, only the flu vaccine might not give you the best result. It is hence best to have a consultation. If you have a time crunch, then opt for online consultation. Through service portals such as Orko’s Appointment, you can have a video consultation with the best-known doctors in Kolkata.   

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