If Cereal Stock Is Going Down Faster Than Expected Call Pest Control

If Cereal Stock Is Going Down Faster Than Expected Call Pest Control

Easy Ways to Identify Rodent Infestation:

Before you embark upon the road and call the best pest control companies in Kolkata, you need to make sure that it is indeed an infestation by rats and mice. There are very easy ways to do so.

  1. Sounds of scratching in walls, roof, false ceilings are indicators of rats running hither thither.

  2. Rats thrive in the sewer. As a result of this, they carry an awful smell. The smell is pungent and strong like ammonia. This strong odour is a definite sign that rats are lurking in the shadows.

  3. Destroyed food containers are a definite giveaway that rats have been frequenting the shelves in search of food.

  4. Rats are extremely dirty. Their fur contains high amounts of grease buildup. This leaves marks on surfaces as they brush against them while moving. Although these marks can be missed quite easily, they are a good indication of rats in the neighbourhood.

  5. Just like any other animal, rodents too, leave behind droppings. These are dark and tapered. The size hovers around one to two centimetres.

The Usual Route For Pest Control And The Problems With It:

When it comes to pest control, most people try to do it by themselves. Armed to the teeth with the most atrocious and outrageous DIY desi tricks, we often try to get rid of rats ourselves. These tricks may seem to hold a lot of promise but at the end of the day are a little short of nothing but amusement. Some of these tricks involve deadly poison which is extremely dangerous, especially if there are little children in the house. Ingestion of any “rat-kill” poison can prove to be fatal.

Doing pest control by oneself, without any proper training and knowledge should be avoided at all costs. Now that there are professionals who handle rat problems with a high percentage of success rate, it seems very foolish to attempt something as dangerous as this.

The Professional Way - Calling Pest Control Kolkata:

The best way is to go the professional route. Professionals work on a different level with a different commitment. They go into the job with proper training and equipment and are prepared to handle anything along the way.

The professional pest control companies in Kolkata have a good depth in handling rodents. They can take out entire rat colonies at a time, reliving the area of infestation. Professionals can also solve the problem of recurring infestation with this method.

Calling pest control Kolkata means getting the best treatment. These professionals know their job and they leave behind many checks after the job of cleansing is done so that rats, or any other pests for that matter, think twice before entering the premises.

Professionals take the security of the inhabitants very seriously. As such, they do a proper enquiry for allergies so that no one faces issues afterwards. They also make sure that there are no after-effects of the chemicals used in the process.

Most professionals provide a guarantee of their service which lets you live tension-free that if there is an immediate resurgence of pests, they can be easily mitigated with a strong hand.

The benefits of taking the help of professional pest control Kolkata is on multiple levels. Avoid any unwanted pests and unwanted situations by getting in touch with the best pest control companies near you with the help of Orkos Appointment.

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