Improve the Revenue of Your Store With Commercial Interior Designers

Improve the Revenue of Your Store With Commercial Interior Designers

A sound interior design is essential for making a store attractive and appealing to its customers. There are a lot of elements in the interior design field that need to be handled with care under expert supervision. The top interior designers in Kolkata are the ideal professionals to handle the duty of delivering an alluring interior. The customer experience directly controls the revenue generated. Interior designing is one of the most effective ways to improve the experience of customers. The better it is, the more revenue that can be generated.

The Right Window and Entrance:

Windows and doorways are the point of entry for light as well as customers. Smaller stores tend to ignore the importance of windows due to the obvious lack of space. In the hands of the right interior designers, this can be corrected. They can decorate each window space with unique ideas, making them stand out and attract customers out of sheer curiosity. The items on display in windows automatically obtain a special and limited edition status, giving an ideal place to showcase the best offerings. Deals and offers can also be showcased on windows, drawing the attention of customers.

Prepping the Buffer Zone:

Any retail shop must be a world of its own. This illusion of this can be set in the first few steps into the store. This decompression or buffer zone should be left free of any clutter. It should bring a breath of fresh air. It is the best place to introduce the brand of the shop instead of the products. As customers are getting accustomed to the new surroundings, the things which they see will stick out in their brains. Etching the brand is much more profitable than any product. This also creates an eager anticipation for the surprises in stock. Commercial interior designers in Kolkata can create some of the best buffer zones to step into.

Stock in the Right Direction:

A study of human psychology revealed that shoppers are more likely to take a right turn upon entering the store. Thus, it pays to stock the best selling products on the right aisle. This will help to sell more of those products. Interior designers can help set up attractive shelves and decorate them appropriately.

Treats Around the Corner:

Triggering human curiosity even further, interior designers can arrange to have various niche products or a touch of glamorous design showcased in places that are normally out of sight. These act as things of interest and customers will find themselves lingering longer inside the establishment than they originally expected to.

Making Enough Space to Move Around:

Cramped spaces are not desirable in a store. This becomes an even bigger issue when there is little space to start with. Here is where the benefits of hiring an interior designer can be reaped to the fullest extent. Professional designers can plan out the entire setting of the floor. They can create space out of thin air with the help of illusions. Strategic placement of shelves and counters and combining it with intelligent lighting is the key to making enough space for the customers to move around.

Trying Out Various Floor Layouts:

Since departmental shopping has reached a mainstream level since the beginning of the decade, commercial interior designers in Kolkata have developed various strategies to lay down an effective floor plan. Professionals can determine what would be ideal for each case making sure that space and budget would allow for it. There are various effective floor layouts to choose from. Here are few examples.

Grid layout is an effective plan for stores selling products that do not need to be showcased much. Products that have a demand in themselves can benefit from this layout. This layout allows for stocking a huge amount of items in the store so that customers can find what they are looking for. Shops that sell daily needed items benefit immensely from this type of layout.

Loop layout is mainly useful for products that need showcasing. Electronics gadget stores, apparel and fashion outlets, jewellery stores adopt this style of layout. The layout guides shoppers quite easily, help them to arrive at their desired location. 

Impulse Buys:

Stats show that impulse buys amount to a large part of the revenue for most stores. Interior designers in Kolkata strategically place their designs in such a way that it acts as a catalyst for impulse buying. A beautifully designed counter decked with small products that are pocket-friendly is an easy revenue magnet.

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