Is Broadcasting Software the New Future of Virtual Shopping?

Is Broadcasting Software the New Future of Virtual Shopping?

One of the greatest phenomena of the twenty-first century is the shopping revolution brought by virtual media. The online world of buying and selling products started expanding about ten years ago and now it is dominating the world shopping culture. The recent add-on to this shopping sensation is video shopping through broadcasting software. Broadcasting software is a platform that allows users to do live video. These videos successfully engage the audience as people are easily drawn towards something innovative every time for selling products/services or generating awareness regarding any particular matter. The concept of virtual shopping is another level of success after online shopping became more accessible through live video broadcasting. 

What is broadcasting software?

Broadcasting software is a specially crafted online virtual platform where users can start a live video and share it with others. Facebook has exemplified this definition as the highest number of video broadcasting is done through FB daily. The second one is Instagram which engages almost 500 million active users daily. Broadcasting software is generally available on popular social media platforms that engage thousands of social media users every day.

How does video streaming change online shopping?

For the last ten years, online shopping has gradually become almost a daily engagement for us. Since the outbreak of Corona, people are mostly stuck at home and have been facing prohibitions such as social distancing and not going out extensively for physical shopping. As a result, online shopping has become more than a necessity. From luxury shopping to daily essentials, virtual shopping became a saviour. 

In the meantime, video streaming came into the spotlight. For online retailers, video streaming proved helpful. Video broadcasting effortlessly attracts and engages online shoppers. In the last two years, online retail sales have increased by 35 to 40% through live broadcasting. Live broadcasting gave opportunities to countless social media users to become successful retail entrepreneurs. 

Today, daily social media users get notified by online sellers regarding their video broadcasting. Apparels, accessories, hand-made jewellery, skincare, and cosmetic products are some of the highlighted and mostly bought products via video streaming. 

What are some of the best broadcasting software available currently?

After Facebook and Instagram, the following are currently on the list - 

  1. Orko’s Appointment
  2. Youtube
  3. Wirecast
  4. Vmix
  5. vidBlasterx
  6. Xsplit

Each of the software is crafted for a particular purpose. Not all are designed for online shopping. For example, Vmix or Xsplit is famous for online video gaming broadcasting. On the other hand, Orko’s Appointment or Youtube is best applicable for generating awareness or live shopping. 

Can a seller select any live broadcasting software available online?

No, you should not. As a seller, it is important to select the right live broadcasting software. Not all streaming software is meant for serving the same purpose. Before selecting any software, it is important to do the following -    

  • The first step is having thorough market research to understand whether the target audience is available on popular social media. If yes, then what is their first choice or on which platform they are active the most. This way a seller would gather much data regarding their customers’ buying behaviour and other necessary information.
  • The second step is a continuation of the first one. After recognizing the preferred social media of their customer segment, it is time to focus on the availability of streaming software and its functions. Different types of streaming software are available for separate purposes. Some are best suited for online sellers, while others are for online video gamers, share market, and financial prospects. It is necessary to get thorough details about the ongoing popular video streaming software. 

The last step is to get your hands on some user reviews and references. Unlike Facebook, Instagram, or Youtube, some online broadcasting software charges a monthly or yearly subscription fee. If you are planning to buy subscription services, make sure you go through the rates and reviews before your transaction.

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