Make Homes Auspicious with Vastu Consultants in Kolkata

Make Homes Auspicious with Vastu Consultants in Kolkata

The ancient science and arts of India may no longer be the gem of the scientific world but still holds significant value and meaning. One of the foremost scientific concepts that are still relevant today is Vastu. Vastu Shastra is a scientific, traditional system of architecture that used to form the basis of the construction of temples and houses in the past. The basic aim of Vastu is to infuse positive energy into homes. There is so much positive natural energy around us. Vastu harnesses that energy and influences the ones living in the house so that they can achieve inner peace. Vastu experts in Kolkata are the think tanks who profess the knowledge and help you achieve amazing results.

The Entry of Energy:

The doorway of a home is not just the entry for people; it is the entry for energy as well. According to Vastu Shastra, the optimum location for the main doorway must be in the north, east or north-east direction. This design ensures that while stepping out of the house, the direction of facing should be north, east or north-east. North and east are considered auspicious as positive winds blow from the north and the sun rises in the east. Facing these directions means a positive impact on the work embarked upon.

The Embodiment of Spirituality:

Vastu gives special attention to spirituality. The emphasis is on spiritual growth is so profound that the Shastra suggests the construction of a room dedicated to meditation and prayers. Most Vastu Shastra consultant in Kolkata concurs with this idea. The impact that such a move has on the mental well-being of the members cannot be denied. Colours also play a vital role in the growth of spirituality. Light shades like white, light yellow and beige are considered prime candidates. Green is also a potential option and adds an imaginative touch to the mix.

Social Significance of Vastu:

A house is a meeting place for not only the members of the family but also relatives, friends and acquaintances. It is like the Facebook wall but in real life. The best Vastu consultant in Kolkata will tell how much important it is to get it right for the living room. North, north-east and north-west facing living rooms are considered to be very fruitful. South is the direction where everything inside the room goes. Heavy furniture occupies the south-west while the south-east is for electronic appliances. Mirrors are best on the north wall as it ensures ample natural lighting.

Centre of the Cosmic Ardour:

Vastu Shastra advocates that the cosmic energy is centred in the courtyard of a house and advises the accommodation for one. It is spiritually, the most powerful place in the entire house. According to Vastu, the place radiates energy without limits and in order to achieve this, the area of construction of the courtyard should be free of any obstructions. The construction of bathrooms and kitchens should also be avoided near this place. Any pillar or beam should be avoided as it hinders the flow of energy.

Balance in the Bedroom:

The bedroom holds a special place in Vastu Shastra as it is the place where couples come together - a relationship that binds the entire family together. It should be ideally constructed in the south-west direction, leaving the north free for the living room. This promises prosperity and brings good health. A departure from this rule would often result in the influence of negative energy, bringing in fights, health issues, and so on. Mirrors and television should also not be placed in front of the bed. Not only does this affect the relationship but it also serves as a distraction that eats away at the precious sleeping and resting time.

Making Your Home the Centre of Energy:

These tips are just scratching the surface of Vastu Shastra. The depth of knowledge in this field can only be fathomed by the top Vastu consultant in Kolkata. Before embarking upon the construction of your new home or revamping your old one, do get in touch with the best Vastu consultants nearby, in order to maximize the positivity in your abode.

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