Make Your Kitchen Safe for Your Child-Listen To The Interior Designers

Make Your Kitchen Safe for Your Child-Listen To The Interior Designers

You need to safeguard the interior of your house if you have newborns or children below the age of 10. Especially, your kitchen area should be secured with safety tools and protective measures. It is best to know the possible hazards and take precautionary measures. According to the best interior designers in Kolkata, the kitchen is one of the most intricate areas that should be designed with thorough planning. To make it children-proof, you should give much thought and buy kitchen appliances accordingly. Due to their boundless energy and inquisitiveness, children are prone to accidents. Electrical appliances, heavy cabinets, gas ovens, and chopping equipment are some of the sources of terrible hazards for your kids. Read what the interior designers in Kolkata have to advise on this - 

1. Seal the electrical points - Your children are prone to electrical shock. If your kitchen is equipped with varied modern appliances, then you must have more than one electrical point. You never know when your kids will put their fingers in the hole. Hence, the interior designers suggest getting the electrical sockets. They are easy to get in the market. However, if you inform the professionals, they will do it properly. You can shop for interior designers in Kolkata through utility portals such as Orko’s Appointment. 

2. Childproof cabinets - This is one of the most crucial things to be done to safeguard your kitchen. These days, the designers suggest and provide child-proof cabinets, which have easy to use latches. You need to have such cabinets to keep chopping and cutting equipment, floor or surface cleaners which are harmful to children. Moreover, to keep spices such as pepper, cumin, and chilli, you should be using such cupboards. You can customize the colours and shapes of such cabinets with the help of expert professionals. 

3. Avoid glass and use more wood - According to the expert interior decorators, if you have a child in your home, it is best to avoid glass made furniture. Especially in the kitchen area, avoid glass top tables and cupboards. Prefer smooth wooden surface and materials. They are less hazardous and have better durability power than glass. Shop for interior designers in Kolkata who have experience of more than ten years in this field. Not only they will suggest innovative wooden furniture, but they can also customize them according to your need. 

4. Keep everything at a better height - If things in your kitchen are easily accessible for your kids, then accidents will always be uninvited guests. Interior designing professionals suggest that keep your cupboards and other appliances at a fair height. They should be out of reach. Especially, gas ovens, microwaves, fridge doors, and other heavy objects should be at a height, which is accessible only for adults. The professionals will customize them accordingly once you inform them. For one door fridge, the designers can make a wooden flat surface with an adjustable height. You can put your fridge or any other appliance on it. 

5. Childproof covers and stove guard - These two are easily available these days. However, if you have appointed professional experts, they will provide you with better quality materials. Since, fire is one of the main sources of hazards for your little ones, your gas over should have covers and stove guards. They are easy to operate, clean and maintain. 

6. Use of the Nonskid pads - To keep the kitchen floor safe for the children, designers suggest nonskid pads for rugs. They are easily available in the market and also very easy to wash. They will give a comfortable touch to your feet as well. 

To get such aforementioned recommendations and services, hire the best interior designers in Kolkata. Get verified contact details of the best professionals in the city on service portals like Orko’s Appointment. 

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