What are the trending concepts of Commercial Interior Designing

What are the trending concepts of Commercial Interior Designing

Commercial interior design is in high demand in Kolkata currently. Considering a well-designed interior design’s positive impact on the employees’ productivity, the corporate world is now more aware of the trending design concepts. The commercial interior designers in Kolkata are more into offering sustainable and eco-friendly designing solutions. Before appointing professionals of commercial interior designing, read the following, which are trending in the market - 

1. Quirky combo - Quirky set-ups play around mainly the Indo-Western themes. Hand-crafted products such as paintings, wall-hangings, and small props are in demand currently. For media houses, editing houses, creative establishments, or any ambitious set-ups quirky theme is a popular requirement. 

2. Deep tones - Another significantly popular interior designing theme is designing interiors with deep cooling tones. For example, charcoal or grey with green or mauve hues paired up with ivory, stones, or taupes is chosen for keeping a sharp contrast to the interior. Modern furniture is chosen when interiors are decked up with deep tones.  

3. Geometric patterns - Another design with increasing demand in commercial set-ups is the super-scale geometric designs. Geometric patterns are considered to be the best design statements for any commercial setup. Undeniably, the geometric shapes offer a lasting impression on those who will be working or visit the place. 

4. Eco-builds - The sustainable approach is currently the most greeted one in the industry of commercial interior designing. To meet the social obligations, above everything, companies demand eco-build setups. Organic products such as jute-made ones and glass lookalike set-ups are the most preferred props for commercial interiors. The products should be chosen according to the size, the shape of the rooms, and the furniture. Designers refer to the installation of photovoltaic glasses. These glasses are incorporated with the next-generation solar cells. 

5. Designs with dual-purpose - Multi-purpose designs are among one of the growing popularities in the interior designing industry. Making the entire set-up more cost-effective is one of the requirements too. Considering this demand, interior designers are offering furniture and other setups with dual purposes. One of the popular dual-purpose design set-ups is setting filling cabinets coupled with the slide-out sitting arrangement. Moreover, the partition cabinets are also in demand. 

6. Open-air accommodation - It has been reportedly proven that employees feel comfortable, proactive, and highly productive when working in accommodation close to nature. Glass ceilings are hence one of the trending designs too. 

To get any of the aforementioned designs in your corporate setup, you need to hire professional interior designers in Kolkata. Make sure to exchange words with them to let them clearly know what you want. mn     

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