What To Ask Neurologists When Loved Ones Have Neurological Disorder

What To Ask Neurologists When Loved Ones Have Neurological Disorder

Neurological disorders are sometimes hard to recognize. Prolonged negligence increases the seriousness of neurological problems. When it comes to your loved ones, you cannot show ignorance towards their nerve disorders. You need to find the best neurologists in Kolkata and start the treatment as soon as possible. As the patient party, you need to ask certain questions. Hence, you need to prepare a list of relevant questions for asking. It is important for you to understand the situation and take proper measures in future to avoid any serious circumstances. You are more accountable towards the health of the patient when he/she is your close one. Hence, your consultation with a neurologist in Kolkata should include the following questions - 

1. What are the side effects of the new medication?

According to the best neurologist doctors in Kolkata, it is important to have an open conversation among the patient, patient party and the doctor. This question is one of the significant ones, which should be asked at the very first. Medications for neurological disorders such as seizures, epilepsy or traumatic brain injury often show side effects. Even, way too strong medications can cause several other serious health problems. You need to know whether the patient’s body is able to take those or not. Before asking this question, carry all the medical history reports of the patient. It will help the neurologist to diagnose and suggest the impact of the medication. 

2. Does the patient need to change his/her working style?

This question should be asked when the patient has spinal cord injury, seizures and migraine. Often the work pattern affects the body and increases the problem. The neurologist should be informed about your work, where you live and how you commute. It is necessary for the physicians to know about these so that they can suggest you better cure. They should help the patient party to anticipate the required changes. As per the recommendation of the doctor, your loved one can make plans for the future accordingly. He/she can change his workplace or house location and opt for other necessary measures. 

3. Do I need to have a second opinion?

The best neurologist doctors in Kolkata suggest that the patient party has the complete right to ask whether they can opt for a second opinion or not. According to them, in the cases where a patient is suffering from a brain tumour, there is a requirement for a second opinion. Especially when the tumour recurs, the opinions often vary due to the available equipment and treatment facilities. If your loved ones are going through such a grave neurological disease, then go for asking this question. Treatments and therapies for brain tumours include different radiation therapy, experimental chemotherapy. Many medical centres might not have all the technical equipment to perform the required measures. Moreover, the patient family needs to know how the therapies will react. 

4. Does the treatment change the quality of life of the patient?

This question is necessary when your beloved one is suffering from nerve disorders. The patient might have anger management issues, anxiety attacks or hypertension. In such cases, the patient party should be asking and enquiring how much the treatment will bring positive changes. You are taking your loved one to the neurologist to see improvement. Hence, you have all the rights to directly ask about the quality of the treatment.

5. Are the treatment procedures painful?

If the patient is an elderly one and is too weak to endure, then before starting any treatment, ask this question. Especially, if the patient is suffering from dementia and is above the age of 60, as his/her near one, you should be asking this. 

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