Why Are Live Video Shopping Experience Better Compared To Traditional

Why Are Live Video Shopping Experience Better Compared To Traditional

Shopping, as we knew it as recently as a mere twenty years back, has completely changed and evolved into something much more advanced and deeply engaging. While online shopping is the most familiar mode of shopping nowadays, live shopping takes that experience and dials it to eleven. The concept of live shopping has received an even bigger boost, thanks in part to the rapid development of small-scale businesses that are operated from homes or independent establishments. This novel method of shopping online has one-upped every other alternative and has proven to be a beneficial tool for the upliftment and capitalization of innovative and individual business ideas.


Not every person with a business idea can afford to open up a shop at a physical location. Not only does the process cost a lot of money, but it also requires abundant time as well as having to deal with the hassle of paperwork. Live video shopping on the other hand is the Scooby-Doo of a tool to your Shaggy of an idea. All you need are some decent quality equipment, some of which you may already own, and the right platform to reach out to your audience. It may not sound like much, but the professionals who are making a great living out of this idea all over the world will beg to differ.


Looking at the concept of live shopping, it is not unsurprising for an observer to think it is nothing but regular shopping, only done through an online platform. However, this is where the notion is grossly misunderstood. Traditional shopping can only attend to a few customers at the same time. Live shopping on the other hand can reach out, theoretically, to an infinite number of interested customers, with a similar if not lesser amount of effort. Given the right, focused platform, one can reach an astounding number of audiences and grow their business exponentially.


Showcasing products is an integral part of any business. There is a reason why some of the most attractive products are laid out in front of a shop, and why window shopping is a potential game-changer. Now imagine all of that showcasing effort and applying it to every single product a business has to offer. Imagine showcasing those products from multiple different angles in different lighting, in every possible way a potential customer can envision. Imagine a client giving instructions as to how they want the product to be shown and complying with it. Live shopping opens a window of opportunity which lets the business professional and their potential customers connect on a different level altogether.


The convenience of online shopping, enjoyed in real-time - this is what sums up live shopping. Customers can not only see and choose products, but also purchase them. With online payment options and easily available courier services being reachable at the fingertips, the convenience of live shopping, proves to be something that can benefit both the seller and the client at the same time. One can sell indigenous items without having to move from their native place, while the other can purchase such indigenous items without having to go through the hassle of having to come down to their places of origin.

Live shopping is a key that can unlock endless opportunities. Orko’s Appointment is the platform that can put the focus in the right place for a business looking to expand its operations by a margin that knows no limits!

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