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Pediatricians in Kolkata

The child specialists in Kolkata are the trained professionals who diagnose and provide the right medication and pursue surgical intervention for child health-related problems. They diagnose and treat the mental and physical growth of the babies, behavioral problems, and other problems of body growth. A pediatrician provides the right kind of primary care to the children. The child specialists in Kolkata treat different kinds of child diseases and infections. Their expertise has been helping many parents and their guidance for the young parents is important too. 

When should I start looking for a pediatrician near me?

It is suggested that one should start looking for a pediatrician at least three months before the due date of childbirth. A thorough check-up right after the birth helps to get the vaccines at the right time. Besides, if you want to have second opinions and want to change your pediatrician, then you will require a new search. However, it is better to stick with one pediatrician, and for that through online as well as offline research is required. 

What is the difference between a family physician and a pediatrician in Kolkata?

A family physician is a medical professional who can treat patients of all ages, while a pediatrician is a professional who only diagnoses and treats children up to the age of 18. You need to go to a pediatrician when your children are going through specific problems regarding mental and physical growth development, and vaccination. In Kolkata, child specialists are experienced professionals who provide the right guidance to the patients’ parents regarding their ailments. 

Why do you need to consult with a pediatrician?

Young parents often have many questions and concerns about their newly born babies’ health and development. They often search for “pediatricians near me” on the internet. Here is a list of five reasons, which answer why there is a need for a pediatrician - 

  1. A child’s proper development - It is important to measure the development of the child from time to time. A pediatrician is required to measure the weight, growth, and body mass index of the kids. The pediatricians in Kolkata are known for providing their suggestions on how to the right growth development and nutrition. They tell the parents about the crucial factors regarding growth. Developmental delays are also checked by the pediatricians. Besides, behavioral changes are also monitored by the child specialists in Kolkata. They observe muscle tone, child reflexes, walking, and sitting postures. 
  2. Ear infections - One of the common problems of growing children is catching an ear infection. The occurrence of ear infections is more frequent among children than that adults. Regular checkups from professional pediatricians are required. 
  3. Child behavior - Changes in child behavior start with mental development. Learning difficulties, bedwetting, spitting, and discipline issues can be recurrent. A professional and experienced child specialist gives proper suggestions, medications, and conducts proper therapies based on the conditions. For problems like dyslexia, or sleeping problems, many pediatricians in Kolkata work with child psychologists, physical and occupational therapists, and pathologists to give proper help to the patients. 
  4. Cold and fever - These two are frequent ailments found among children. The child specialists in Kolkata provide guidelines, prescribe the right medicines through thorough diagnosis for seasonal flu and cold. Seasonal cold can bring several infections too. They diagnose and treat those problems as well. 
  5. Vaccination - From birth till the edge of adulthood, a child needs to get vaccinated for many diseases. Vaccines such as Polio, Hepatitis B are required to boost immunity and give protection from certain diseases. Without the help of a professional pediatrician and delays in giving vaccines can lead to bigger mishaps. Hence, visiting the pediatrician near you from time to time is required. 

Tips for choosing the best child specialist in Kolkata 

The following questions you should consider before choosing the best pediatricians in Kolkata - 

  • Is there any waiting room and is it kids-friendly?
  • Is the doctor empathetic enough to listen to the parents of the kids?
  • Is the doctor’s chamber is at any convenient location?
  • Is the child specialist’s chamber clean and sanitized?
  • Do I have to go through a rush at the time of having an appointment?
  • How much experience does the pediatrician have?
  • What are the credentials of the doctor?
  • Is the pediatrician referred by any gynecologist or obstetrician?
  • Does the doctor have good reviews?
  • How does the pediatrician operate?
  • Do I have to wait for long in the waiting room?
  • Do the pediatrician’s staff have the right skills and experience?
  • Does the pediatrician explain the ailment properly to the kids’ parents?

How can Orko’s Appointment help you in finding the best pediatricians in Kolkata?

On the user-friendly portal of Orko’s Appointment, you can easily find the renowned pediatricians in Kolkata for having all sorts of medical treatments for any kind of ailments of children. With just a search with “pediatricians near me”, you get a list of experienced physicians in Kolkata. Besides, Orko’s Appointment provides verified contact details, chamber addresses, and mailing addresses of the professionals. You can also find reviews and fees of the medical consultants on the portal, which will help you decide which one to choose. Even, you can book your appointment online too.

          Frequently Asked Questions

          1. What does a Pediatrician do?
          A: The main responsibility of a pediatrician is to properly diagnose and treat the mental, physical, and developmental issues of the children. The best child specialists in Kolkata are professionals who treat the behavioral problems of the children too. They treat injuries, infections of children and if required then pursue surgical intervention too. Along with that, they provide valuable information on health requirements for proper development, fitness requirements, and nutrition. 
          2. What is the age bar to contact the pediatricians near me?
          A; The right age bar of the patients who can contact the pediatricians in Kolkata can be classified into three groups -
          Birth to 2 years
          • 2 years to 12 years
          • 12 years to 21 years 
          3. What are the services offered by the Pediatricians in Kolkata?
          A: The best Pediatricians in Kolkata are known for providing the following services -
          • Adolescent medicines
          • Pediatric endocrinology
          • Pediatric emergency medicines
          • Pediatric critical care
          • Immunology
          • Pediatric nephrology
          • Pediatric dermatology
          4. Do the pediatricians in Kolkata offer home service?
          A: Yes, many child specialists in Kolkata provide home service. You need to ask and enquire them and have an appointment accordingly. 
          5. What is the consultation fee charged by the pediatricians in Kolkata?
          A: The consultation charge of the pediatricians in Kolkata ranges between Rs. 150 to 1000 and can be above that.